Surnames, Genes And Genealogy


201B01There's Only One Mr Sykes!20010619'Surname specialist Dr George Redmonds begins a five-week odyssey investigating the impact of DNA analysis on genealogical research.

Richard Sykes, of Glaxo Smith Klein, Michael Sykes, a dairy farmer, and the Rt Rev Stephen Sykes hear Prof Bryan Sykes theory that they all descend from one 13th-century man - and are all related to the real-life character one whom Bill Sikes was based.'

201B02Mapping Your Surname20010626'George Redmonds reveals how the origin of a surname can often be traced by plotting its present-day distribution on a map.

For David Hey, this led to the discovery of the exact hey - an enclosed piece of land - that gave rise to his surname 700 years ago.'

201B03Understanding Your Family Roots20010703'George Redmonds traces the 700-year-old mother of all Dysons and DNA analysis continues to reveal long-hidden secrets, even finding descendents of passengers of the Mayflower.'
201B04Going Through The 1800 Barrier20010710George Redmonds reveals how DNA analysis can provide a real breakthrough in tracing ancestry back past 1800 to the years before civil registration.
201B05Dna The Final Frontier?20010717'George Redmonds shows how DNA analysis can combine with genealogical techniques, raising the possibility of surname banks, and uses historical documents to trace the movements of the Marsden family over 600 years.'