Susie Mcguire - I Got The Dog


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Susie Maguire's trilogy of comic stories about the fallout from a break up. Who gets left with what? Music, water, transportation, arithmetic...possessions, separations...and Love. Rebecca Front reads Andria's story.

Andria fell hook, line and sinker for the enigmatic and brooding Russian pianist, Boris. They met at a street market and the attraction was instant. He posted a little Russian doll through her letterbox with his phone number attached. How could she resist?

She decides to buy a bed. A 'lit bateau'; a boat bed, which she hoped was going to be a metaphor for the fantastic voyage the two of them were about to embark on together.

Sure enough, nine months later, the sound of Boris's piano playing is punctuated by the patter of feet across the parquet floor. Well, they are paws to be precise, belonging to an Italian greyhound that Andria found on the street. They name her Mimi.

Boris's passion for his art, once the very thing that attracted Andria, is becoming a source of friction. That intensity that was once directed to her is now being poured into his music. He's playing piano at 4 a.m. in the morning, Andria is angry and Mimi is confused.

After one particularly blazing row, Andria wakes to the realisation that her bed that was once so symbolic of the dreams she held for their future, now resembled the raft of the Medusa. Things can't go on - but what about poor Mimi? Beds, pianos, dogs and shipwrecks as Rebecca Front reads Andria's story.

Producer: Sarah Langan.

Can Andria's new bed symbolise her future with an enigmatic and brooding Russian pianist?

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Boris is an artist - a pianist. When he's working on a piece, time becomes meaningless; he will play all through the night and not notice. That enigmatic passion, once the very thing that attracted Andria to him, eventually caused their break up.Boris left, taking his piano and their dog Mimi with him.

Things begin to look up for him when he starts seeing another artist Chiara. Surely she will understand the creative drive? Chiara is a performance artist. When she asks Boris to compose a piece of music for her next 'project', it seems that perhaps they are kindred spirits.

He's also pleased that Chiara is getting along very well with Mimi, until one he's shocked to discover that Mimi has been co-opted into Chiara's performance! Tensions mount further as Boris's obsessive drive to work takes over, and poor Mimi is caught in the cross-fire again. Who'll get the dog this time?

John McGlynn reads Boris's story

Producer: Sarah Langan.

After pianist Boris's bitter break-up with Andria, can Chiara better understand him?

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Susie Maguire's trilogy of comic stories about the fallout from a break up. Who gets left with what? Music, water, dogs, Arithmetic,possessions,...and Love. Vicki Pepperdine reads Chiara's story.

Chiara is a performance artist. She does a little bit of dance, singing, theatre and mime.

Boris was her first Russian. Dimitri was her second, although he was more Hampstead than St Petersburg.

All she has left from these relationships is a selection of battle scars. Surely she can salvage something from this? Never one to under-analyse the events in her life, she convinces herself that she can create something from this mess: "Yes," she decides, "I can workshop this." Pretty quickly she's mapped out an entire performance project complete with Rimsky Korsakov, some 'Eugene Onegin-y' type music, with Boris represented by a Nosferatu figure, whilst Andria and Dimitri are played by a pair of coats and hats. With references to film noir, Dali and Eisenstein all chucked into the melting pot for luck.

Will Chiara's creativity bring her salvation? And what happened to the dog?

Producer: Sarah Langan.

Battle-scarred from her Russian relationships, can creativity bring Chiara salvation?