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Adrian Leve chairs Radio 1's open forum-an opportunity for schools and etubstochooseasubjeet, provide a pane) and pick the programme's music. Add a couple of invited 'experts'and the comments of the chairman. and the result is an hour's uninhibited argument interspersed only bydebutperformaneesof fourornveyoungpjs.

The subject under discussion this week is patriotism. Is it good to feet proud of one's country? It was interesting to see thatat the Moscow Olympic Games although there was no Union Jack and no National Anthem. when British athletes such as Daley Thompson and Steve Ovett stood on thewinners'rostrum, the British section of the crowd sang 'God save the Queen' and waved nags. Or is there much more to patriotism than that? When does it become harmful? Is nationalism an extreme form of patriotism?

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[R1 BD=19800909]

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