John le Carre begins a ten-part reading of his latest book.

0119970801It was a perfectly ordinary Friday afternoon in Panama until Andrew Osnard barged into Harry Pendel's shop asking to be measured for a suit.
0219970808While being measured for a suit, Osnard displays an intimate knowledge of Pendel's shady past.
0319970815Osnard signs Harry Pendel up as a spy.
0419970822Harry Pendel measures His Excellency the President of Panama for a suit.
0519970905Pendel visits the American general in charge of Southern Command - and is debriefed by Osnard.
0619970912Osnard puts pressure on Pendel to recruit his wife as a spy.
0719970919Pendel invents a major international conspiracy.
0819970926Ambassador Maltby realises the Buchan intelligence is phoney and makes plans of his own.
0919971003Louisa Pendel pays Osnard a late-night call.
10 LAST19971010Pendel's lies blow up in his face.