01Drama20150114by Lizzie Nunnery.

The first in a series of geographically inspired dramas is a wintry ghost story set along Hope Street in Liverpool.

Nina is a university researcher and tour guide who lives and works on Liverpool's iconic Hope Street. She loves the layers of history all around her. However, after a personal tragedy, Nina starts to find herself haunted by the city she loves in a dark and unsettling way.

Directed by Abigail le Fleming

With thanks to the staff and pupils at Our Lady's Bishop Eton Primary School, Liverpool.

The Writer

Lizzie Nunnery is an award-winning playwright.

The Swallowing Dark, produced by the Liverpool Everyman and Theatre 503, was a finalist for The Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and past work includes the critically acclaimed Intemperance, produced by the Everyman, and Unprotected, which was awarded the Amnesty International Award for Freedom of Expression.

She is currently working on an adaptation for the Liverpool Everyman and collaborating with the Royal Exchange as part of their new 'Exchange Hub' initiative and writing an original commission with Box of Tricks theatre company.

Lizzie also writes extensively for radio. She has penned numerous original dramas for Radio 4 including Anna's War, a 5-parter based on true events in the life of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, and her latest family drama The Sum, aired in July 2014.

She is also a successful singer-songwriter.

02Drama20150115By Alan Harris

The second in a series of geographically inspired dramas is a crime thriller set around Cardiff's Victoria Park.

When Jen and Gail break out of prison, they head for South Wales. But life in the Welsh capital has its challenges. As Gail drags Jen further into a murky world of crime, Jen finds she's more of a prisoner than ever before. Her only sanctuary is the park.

Directed by James Robinson

A BBC Cymru/Wales Production

The Writer

Welsh writer Alan Harris has extensive experience in theatre and opera. With National Theatre Wales his work includes A Good Night Out in the Valleys (2010) and The Opportunity of Efficiency (2013). With the Welsh National Opera - The Journey (2010) and The Hidden Valley (under commission). On radio, his plays include Radio 3's The Goldfarmer (2010), and for Radio 4 The Lighthouse (2011) and Wolf (2012).

Alan lives in Victoria Park, Cardiff.

03 LASTDrama20150116By Oliver Emanuel.

The third in a series of geographically inspired dramas takes us on a darkly comic journey through Glasgow's infamous Necropolis.

Alice and Sasha are celebrating their graduation when Alice takes Sasha on a secret trip to a graveyard. Sasha is not impressed. But, after they've downed a bottle of bubbly and smoked a joint, they find themselves in the middle of a surreal space where imaginary boys and dead people talk to them and something even more sinister can penetrate their mind...

Also featuring the voices of Pearl Appleby, Amy Conachan, Sara Short, Michael Collins, Phillip Laing, Lorn MacDonald, Lorne McFadyen and Hamish Riddle from the Scottish Royal Conservatoire

Directed by Kirsty Williams.