Five stories about aviation by Daniele del Guidice.

Read by Simon Russell Beale.

01All Because Of A Mistake20031215"If there existed some compartment of memory reserved for first times you would place take-off alongside first love-making, for the intensity of the two is identical.".
02Between Second 1423 & Second 179720031216I knew we'd lost her, I knew we were lost, and yet it was unbelievable...
but it was at that very moment, second 1797, that you said to me quietly- 'We're going to crash.'.
03Reaching Dewpoint20031217One morning, while airborne you lost your way, as people do in life, without ever quite being aware that they are lost.
04Unreported Inbound Palermo20031218This should be the history of an aeroplane, because an aeroplane knows it's history- how many people in the world know its history.
05 LASTDouble Take-off At Dawn20031219The aeroplane began its take-off run, the hills and the sea of Bastia, even the runway itself began to race forward as Antoine St-Exupery, Tonio or St Ex, lifted his shadow from this earth for the last time.