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Robbie Shepherd shares his trip to Oban and Taynuilt with Donald Shaw and Karen Matheson.
Robbie Shepherd brings you a session from Bill Black and his band, recorded in 2008.
Robbie Shepherd brings you another packed programme, featuring the very best of Traditional music and song.
The dance music session comes from Bill Black and his Scottish Dance Band, first broadcast in January 2008.
It's bandleader Fergie MacDonald that shares his story with Robbie, from our Roads of Summer archive and the inspirational album of the week is Fiddle, from The Cape Breton Symphony.
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Robbie Shepherd presents a session from Alexander Lindsay and his band.
Robbie Shepherd invites you to join him, for the very best of traditional Scottish music and song.
It's Alexander Lindsay and his Band that make a welcome return to the programme.
We hear tracks from the very latest CD's and it's accordionist and band leader James Coutts that is Robbie's special guest.


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