By Suzanne Heathcote.
The disappearance of a little girl in Simon's town brings home the fact that, since his divorce, his own daughter has no idea who he is.
Fuelled by alcohol and nightmares, Simon's obsession with finding the missing girl and his failure to be a good father pushes him to the edge.
Simon....Will Keen
Amanda....Brigit Forsyth
Peter....Joseph Kloska
Hannah....Wendy Nottingham
Sarah....Jasmine Hyde
Brian....Alex Woodhall
Newsreader....Crispin Clover
Other parts played by Leighton Martin, Nicola Fox and Amelia Rubra.
Directed by Carl Prekopp.
Since his divorce, Simon's daughter has no idea who he is.

Broadcast Dates

  • 20090611 (Radio 4)