Taking Pictures

Taking Pictures

Short stories from Anne Enright's latest collection.


01* What You Want20080225

Taking Pictures

Short stories from Anne Enright's latest collection.An opera house cleaner muses on her relationship with her high-flying son.

Read by Kate Binchy.

02* Pale Hands I Loved, Beside The Shalamar20080226

A young woman is bothered by her feelings for her troubled flatmate, who has the most beautiful pair of hands in the world.

Read by Bronagh Gallagher.

03* Here's To Love20080227

An Irish expat living in Paris reflects on the life choices she has made when she is visited by an old flame.

Read by Dervla Kirwan.

04* Until The Girl Died20080228

A car accident in Italy forces a middle-aged woman to confront the fact that her husband has been having an affair.

Read by Frances Tomelty

05 LASTDella20080229

She has not spoken to her irritating next-door neighbour for decades, but when she realises that he is going blind she tentatively re-establishes contact.

Read by Kate Binchy.