Two programmes in which Pauline Mclynn considers the development of comedy in IRELAND and how her countrymen went from being a punchline to having the last laugh.

Pauline travels back to Planet IRELAND, the parallel universe in which Irish comedy was forged, a landscape that provided an abundance of material for the budding comic: pub culture and the demon drink; the dominance of the church and the ubiquity of the PARISh priest; political turbulence north and south; and the downright peculiarity of small town life.

01Planet Ireland2004040320050510This programme features examples of some of IRELANDs first famous comics - Jimmy O'Dea and James Young, for example - and considers how they nurtured or challenged national stereotypes, as well as interviews with the comedians who made their names further afield and introduced British audiences to the vagaries of Irish life: Dave Allen, Frank Carson and Jimmy Cricket.
Other contributors include Dara O'Briain, Tommy Tiernan and Jason Byrne
02 LASTHome And Away2004041020050511As scandal shook the south and peace broke out in the north, a new kind of humour was born.