A Tale Of Six Cities

Writer and anthropologist Margaret Visser sets out to discover differences and similarities between the countries of Europe.


01Space19980125From the Ramblas in Barcelona, a look at the extent to which we mould the space of the cities we live in, and how we are moulded by them.
02Talk19980201How can different cultures make a stream of words say so much more than they literally mean?
03Breakfast19980208What does a country's taste in breakfast reveal about its people? The first meal of the day in Barcelona and Berlin, London and Helsinki.
04Subways19980215How a city's subway system and the way it is used reveal a surprising amount about cultural preoccupations.
05Embarrassment19980222Which actions and behaviour are considered `beyond the pale' by Europeans, and what does this reveal about their various systems of social control?
06 LASTShopping19980301Attitudes to what you can buy, and at what time of day or night, differ vastly from city to city.