A Tale Of Two Cities, The Substance And The Shadow


05 LAST20111230

By Charles Dickens

Dramatised by Mike Walker

Episode 5/5 - The Substance and the Shadow

Sydney Carton is in Paris with Lucie and her father, determined to try and save Charles Darnay's life. An encounter in a Paris street with someone from the import-export trade may just provide the ghost of a chance.


Charles Dickens...Robert Lindsay

Jarvis Lorry...Jonathan Coy

Miss Pross...Alison Steadman

Dr Alexandre Manette...Karl Johnson

Lucie Manette...Lydia Wilson

Charles Darnay...Andrew Scott

Sydney Carton... Paul Ready

Therese Defarge...Tracy Wiles

Jerry Cruncher...Carl Prekopp

Barsad... Gerard McDermott

Court President... Paul Moriarty

Young Manette... Christopher Webster

Young Evremonde... Adam Billington

With Rikki Lawton and Alex Rivers

Music by Lennert Busch

Directed by Jessica Dromgoole and Jeremy Mortimer.

Charles Darnay has been released. But his freedom is shortlived.