By Rohinton Mistry.

Nitin Ganatra reads interwoven stories about the rich and complex patterns of life inside a Bombay apartment building.

Abridged by Lauris Morgan-Griffiths and produced by Viv Beeby.

01Condolence Visit20040105Daulat is determined to grieve for her husband in her own way without the interference of friends and family.
02Condolence Visit20040106A young man comes to call, to the consternation of the assembled mourners.
03Of White Hairs And Cricket2004010720051120A fourteen year old boy realises for the first time that his father may not live forever.
04Auspicious Occasion. Part 12004010820051127Rustomji is consumed by fleshy torments whilst his wife Mehroo prepares for an important visit to the fire-temple.
05 LASTAuspicious Occasion. Part 22004010920051204Mehroo and Rustomji emerge from their respective ordeals and return to familiar home comforts.


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