Tales From Thackeray


0120010108Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt.

Episode 1: The Three Suitors.

Letitia Dean stars in the first in a series of short stories by Thackeray.

When Morgiana Crump looks for a husband, a battle of wigs and waistbands ensues.

With Gerard Murphy, Lindsey Coulson, Terence Edmond and Hamish Mccoll.

Directed by Sally Avens

0220010115Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt.

2: The Widower.

When Miss Prior is engaged as governess to Horace Mililken's children, she seems the model of propriety - but breeding will out.

With Gerard Murphy, James Fleet, Sian Thomas and Thomas Arnold.

Directed by Sally Avens

0320010122Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt.

3: The Bedford Row Conspiracy.

When John Perkins falls in love, little does he realise that affairs of the heart are governed by political allegiances.

With Gerard Murphy, Marston Bloom, Jasmine Hyde and Shirley Dixon.

Directed by Sally Avens

0420010129Dramatised by Stephen Wyatt.

4: The Ravenswing.

Matilda Snodgrass's debut in the world of opera takes London by storm.

With Gerard Murphy, Clare Corbett, Carolyn Jones and Marcello Magni.

Directed by Sally Avens

05A Little Dinner At Timmins20010205With Gerard Murphy, Peter Gunn, Sara Crowe and Tessa Worsley.

Directed by Sally Avens