By Patricia Warren, abridged by Libby Spurrier.

Read by Annette Badland.

Patricia runs a marriage bureau for farmers and country people.

01Dolls In The Attic, Farmers In The Cow Shed20050829One of Patricia's earliest memories is matching up her dolls as lifelong partners.
If she ran short she would make up a gentleman out of a clothes peg: everyone ended up with someone.
02Compatible Aspects In Relation To Country Life20050830Patricia reveals the paraphernalia of a modern day cupid.
But there's an awkward moment when Andy's 'introduction', Beth, discovers why his first wife left him after only three months.
03What's For You Won't Go By You20050831This pithy motto quoted endlessly by a remote (in every sense of the word) Scottish sheep farmer wears a little thin when he goes on a date with a sophisticated London actress.
Particularly after he books a double room for their first date.
04I Can't Believe It Is Howard20050901Patricia is invited to the marriage of another successful introduction.
But her plans for a triumphant entrance in a blue silky frock are rearranged by a calving cow, which knocks her unconcious.
05 LASTDifficult Cases20050902Patricia meets Harry, a farmer with a severely disfigured back who's only 4 foot 4 inches tall.
She decides to do her utmost for him.
And a country bank manager uses all his powers of accountancy to judge whether a potential match is a good risk.