Four haunting plays based on Joseph Conrad's stories of the Malay Archipelago.

01The Secret Sharer19971002On his first voyage as ship's captain, Marlow rescues a man who bears an uncanny resemblance to himself.
Dramatised by Lindsay Clarke.
With John Nettles and Adam Shaw.
Director Nigel Bryant.
02The Planter Of Malata19971009In helping the woman he secretly loves to search for her lost betrothed, the mysterious Renouard leads her to the ghostly island of Malata.
Dramatised by Sally Hedges.
With John Nettles and Michael Maloney.
Director Nigel Bryant.
03Karain19971016Langston is eager to release an island chief from a strange haunting.
A Victorian sixpence seems an unlikely cure.
Dramatised by Colin Haydn Evans.
With John Nettles and Nicholas Farrell.
Director Nigel Bryant.
04 LASTBecause Of The Dollars19971023Who would have thought that a cargo of recalled currency could lead Captain Davidson into such danger? Dramatised by Lindsay Clarke.
With John Nettles and Martin Shaw.
Director Nigel Bryant.