Tales From The Lobby [Tales From The Lobby]


01What Is Lobbying?20190708Almost a decade ago, David Cameron gave a speech about "the lunches, the hospitality, the quiet word in your ear." His target was lobbying, corporate lobbying, which he described as the next big scandal waiting to happen. So what is lobbying? And when is that scandal going to blow? Michael Crick - with a little help from Tamasin Cave of Spinwatch and Lionel Zetter, inventor of the Zetter Scale of Entertaining - sets out to explore what it is, and how it works.

This ten part series includes contributions from Tracey Crouch, David Willetts, Peter Oborne, Frank Field, and Jasmine Whitbread of London First.

The producer in Bristol is Miles Warde

Michael Crick presents Tales from the Lobby

02How Do You Define A Lobbyist?20190709Michael Crick meets lobbyist Iain Anderson
03Being Lobbied20190710Michael Crick talks to two ministers about being lobbied - with Tracey Crouch and David Willets.
Last year the minister for sport and gambling, Tracey Crouch, found herself involved in the messy decision process surrounding what to do about Fixed Odds Betting Terminals - FOBTES. Amid furious lobbying from all sides, Tracey Crouch took the unusual step of resigning rather than accept the timescale for the introduction of a ban. Also in this episode David Willets - now Lord Willetts - describes what went on behind the scenes during the decision to raise tuition fees to a maximum of £9000.

The producer in Bristol is Miles Warde

Michael Crick talks to two ministers about being lobbied.

04The Pyramid Of Power20190711Back in the spring of 2012 a public inquiry - the Leveson inquiry - shone a brilliant light onto the relationship between the professional lobbyist and the ministerial special adviser, or SPAD. Fred Michel was working for Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation; Adam Smith was special adviser to Jeremy Hunt, who back then was culture secretary. The lobbyist and the SPAD texted day and night. So what is a SPAD, and what is his position in the pyramid of power?

With Peter Oborne, ex-SPAD Julian Glover, and Wilf Weeks who helped set up one of the most successful lobbying companies of the 1980s called GJW.

The producer in Bristol is Miles Warde

SPADS - or special advisors - under the spotlight.

05The Lobbyists20190712Up in his attic, Michael Crick found a tape from 1981 called the Lobbyists.
Together with producer Miles Warde, he tracks down two lobbyists from that programme - Frank Field MP and Lord Faulkner. Frank Field reveals the extraordinary events behind the introduction of Child Benefit; and Richard Faulkner explains the 1979 campaign to save the Spot the Ball competition.

Michael Crick on tales from the Lobby

06When Did It Begin?20190715Talk to the academics and they'll suggest lobbying has existed as long as men have been in power. But according to Tamasin Cave of Spinwatch, it really took off at the time of ordinary men and women getting the vote. Now powerful interests felt compelled to protect themselves. In the United States a man called Edward Bernays - Sigmund Freud's nephew - developed the idea of an 'invisible elite'. He also came up with extraordinary ways of controlling the crowd. With contributions from Mark Borkowski and Professor Wyn Grant, and presented by Michael Crick.

The producer in Bristol is Miles Warde

When did lobbying start?

07How Does It Work?20190716In 2014 the coalition government passed a catchy piece of legislation - the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Act. But what does that mean? And how does it work?
Michael Crick finds out with help from Alex Deane of FTi Consulting, as well as Lionel Zetter and Duncan Hames of Transparency International UK.

The producer in Bristol is Miles Warde

Michael Crick finds out how lobbying works.

08Clever Tricks20190717Richard Brooks of Private Eye used to work as a tax inspector - a line of work that has been a great help in his investigations into how lobbying works. With contributions from Peter Oborne, Tamasin Cave, and former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson who reveals how many tricks he employed in his campaign as a union boss fighting to prevent the privatisation of Royal Mail.

The presenter is Michael Crick, the producer Miles Warde.

Michael Crick on the cunning, clever world of lobbying.

09Lobbying For Foreigners20190718In 1938 the US government introduced a Foreign Agents registration Act, prompted in part by fears of Nazi agents working in the US. Now Bob Seely MP wants to introduce an upgraded version over here. But what exactly are his concerns? Michael Crick meets two men who have lobbied for foreign governments, while Richard Brooks of Private Eye outlines how widespread he thinks the problems are.

The producer in Bristol is Miles Warde.

Michael Crick on the lobbyists and reputational managers working for foreign regimes.

10Lobbying In The Age Of Brexit20190719When Frank Field entered Parliament in 1979, he knew exactly whom to lobby - Margaret Thatcher, the most powerful person in the land. But ever since the referendum of 2016, ministers and prime ministers have come and gone. The world of politics - and lobbying - has entered a period of instability and flux. In this final episode we hear from Jasmine Whitbread of London First and Mark Shorrock of Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon about lobbying in the age of Brexit. And two lobbyists - Iain Anderson and Alex Deane - explain what they think will happen next.

The presenter is Michael Crick, the producer Miles Warde

How will Brexit affect the world of the lobbyist?