Tales From Victorian Norfolk

By Mary E Mann, abridged by Chris Wallis.

Born in 1829, Mary Mann, wife of a Norfolk farmer, wrote vivid accounts of Victorian farming life.


01Women O'dulditch20001009Dinah Brome has a secret, and the whole village knows it - and now she is called to account.

Read by Patience Tomlinson

02David Peck's Love Affair20001010Sometimes even gamekeepers don't know what they've got until it's gone.
03Dora O' The Ringlets20001011Eight-year-old Dora Green had the prettiest hair in Dulditch, but only her mother knew its secrets.
04His First Day At The Sea And Levenses20001012Mrs Shildrick is determined that five-year-old Herbert will go to the seaside, no matter what the teacher says, and Tom Wapple has a harvest surprise.
05 LASTA Dulditch Courting20001013Marthy Milch hadn't thought of marriage until Horace Nobbs came a'courting.