Tales We Tell

Ten specially commissioned stories by two generations of women writers.


LS01Sisters1998091419980921by Michele Roberts, read by Eleanor Bron.

The fortunes of twin sisters Rose and Lily.

by Michele Roberts, read by Eleanor Bron.

LS02The Rules1998091519990711by Zoe Fairbairns, read by Gwen Taylor.

It is only when the rules of a relationship are broken that things start to become complicated - especially when there are more than two people involved.

LS03A Mother Always Knows1998091619990718by Sara Maitland, read by Diana Quick.

The Lady Jocasta tells her version of events following the killing of the king and the outwitting of the sphinx by the young stranger who is her son.

LS04Toccata And Fugue1998091719990725by Michelene Wandor, read by Patricia Hodge.

An actress in mid-life; her partner; a young journalist and, behind them, the historical figure of the Italian princess Isabella D'Este.

LS05The Palace Of Physical Culture1998092019990802by Valerie Miner, read by Beth Porter.

A fiftieth birthday present of a summer pass to the gym opens up a world of new physical and emotional experience for its recipient.

LS06Cake1998092119980928by Julia Bell, read by Carolyn Backhouse.

Sandra is grieving for her dad.

Finding no solace in her relationship, she seeks consolation and comfort elsewhere.

LS07The Secret Powers Of Mary Galt1998092219990719by Anna Burns, read by Diane O'kelly.

Mary loses her mother and best friend in the Troubles, but in so doing, discovers something very special about herself.

LS08Half Left1998092319990712by Harriet Kline, read by Jenny Funnel.

Valerie is married to a buffoon.

She cannot divorce her husband for bad jokes - relentless joviality does not count as unreasonable behaviour, So how will she survive?

LS09When Should We Live, If Not Now?19980924by Rachel Bentham, read by Miranda Richardson.

She felt expansive and hungry for experience.

So why does a holiday swim change the course of this woman's life and relationship for ever?

LS10 LASTHoly1998092519990726by Bidisha, read by Amita Dhiri.

A successful young writer looks back on how she met and fell in love with Luca.

Five years on, she questions why.