Talk To Me - Ayn Rand [Drama]


2020110320201104 (R4)By Sara Davies and Abigail Youngman.

1974. Ayn Rand, darling of the Alt-Right, and allegedly President Trump's favourite writer, has secrets she will never reveal. But her husband Frank just might. And now, after nearly forty years without contact, her sister Nora is coming to visit from the Soviet Union.

Ayn Rand is the inspiration behind the slogan 'Greed is Good'. She believed that 'rational self interest' should guide an individual's actions; that 'society' and altruism are evil, and that the State should not exist. For Rand, love consists of the 'selfish pleasure' of two individuals acting on reason. She chose her husband, Frank O'Connor, for his film-star looks and heroic aspect, but it's hard to live up to that image in real life.

Award-winning director Mary Ward-Lowery meets members of Rand's household: husband Frank, her sister Nora, housekeeper Eloise and Rand herself, to piece together the story of how these ideas play out in real relationships. How selfish pleasure can also cause pain and humiliation to those closest to you. The truth is shocking, explosive and sometimes funny.

With an interview with writer and entrepreneur, Margaret Heffernan.

Ayn Rand...Diana Quick
Nora Drobysheva...Tracy-Ann Oberman
Frank O'Connor...Rupert Wickham
Eloise Huggins...Kerri McLean

Music by Tom Constantine

Director...Mary Ward-Lowery

Philosopher & darling of the Alt-Right has secrets. With Diana Quick and Tracy-Ann Oberman

Drama from BBC Radio 4