Talk To Sleep

A quartet of imaginary conversations performed by American artist Gregory Whitehead.


Mind, Body And Soul2002122920030104Imaginary conversation performed by Gregory Whitehead.

A performance artist eats one copy each of the Oxford Dictionary, Gray's Anatomy and the King James Bible.

Mind, Body And Soul"2002122920030104
EF01The Bottom Of The Mind19990104A psychotherapist proposes a technique involving walking in circles to hear the inner voice of the soul.
EF02Mind, Body And Soul19990111A performance artist eats a copy of the Oxford Dictionary and the King James Bible.
EF03The Radical Language Of Trees19990118In this programme, an amateur forester discovers curious vibrations emanating from the root systems of the great forests - possible evidence of a language.
EF04 LASTThe Bone Trade1999012520040117 (BBC7)In this programme, a dealer of corporeal memorabilia discusses ethics and economics.