Talking About Jane Austen In Baghdad, Getting It Right



Episode 4 - Getting it right.

Bee, a British journalist, has been helping May, an Iraqi university teacher, to escape from the terrible violence in Iraq. Their first attempt was poorly planned and a failure. This time they realize they must be more self-disciplined and plan things far more professionally. Bee, whose just had her third baby Elsa, goes to see an immigration lawyer.

May....Souad Faress

Bee....Fenella Woolgar

Ali....Zubin Varla

Justin....Stephen Hogan

Eva/Ayasha....Deeivya Meir

Militia Man/Official/Minister....Peter Polycarpou

Newsnight director....Jonathan Forbes

Lawyer/Octavia....Elaine Claxton

Director....Peter Kavanagh.

Bee and May realise that they must plan May's escape far more professionally.