Talking About Jane Austen In Baghdad


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Bee has arranged a university place for May, but then her husband Ali's visa is refused.

May's name has appeared on a terrorist death list. She and her husband Ali are desperate to escape from Iraq. Bee, a British journalist, has managed to arrange a university place for May, but to get to Britain they must first get to Jordan. At the last moment Ali's Jordanian visa is refused. May resolves to go by herself to Jordan and sort out the problem. This is a true story.

May - Souad Faress

Bee - Fenella Woolgar

Ali - Zubin Varla

Justin - Stephen Hogan

Eva/Ayasha - Deeivya Meir

Militia Man/Official/Minister - Peter Polycarpou

Newsnight director - Jonathan Forbes

Lawyer/Octavia - Elaine Claxton

Director....Peter Kavanagh.