Talking Comedy

A series in which comedians talk about what makes them laugh.


0101George Carlin19970614

0102Jo Brand19970621
0103Mark Thomas19970628
0104Arthur Smith19970705
0105Ardal O'hanlon19970712
0106John Hegley19970719
0107David Baddiel19970726
0108 LASTBill Bailey19970802
0201Paul O'grady19970910
0202Nigel Planer19970917
0203Jenny Eclair19970924
0204 LASTAlan Davies19971001
0301Mark Lamarr19980711
0302Graham Norton19980718
0303Mark Little19980725
0304Sean Hughes19980801
0305Fred Macaulay19980808
0306Mark Steel19980815
0307John Sessions19980822
0308 LASTAl Murray19980829
0401Joan Rivers19990424
0402Phill Jupitus19990501
0403Ed Byrne19990508
0404Stewart Lee And Richard Herring19990515
0405Rob Newman19990522
0406Josie Lawrence19990529
0407Lee Hurst19990605
0408 LASTJohn Thomson19990612
0501Jackie Mason2001102720040831 (BBC7)
20040901 (BBC7)

American comedian and former rabbi, Jackie Mason selects Bob Hope and Bruce Forsyth as two of the acts who have shaped his life.

0502Alistair Mcgowan2001110320040907 (BBC7)
20040908 (BBC7)

The impressionist Alistair Mcgowan plays Eddie Izzard, Benny Hill and John Hegley as he shares his favourite comedy moments.

0503Sean Lock20011110
0504Neil Innes2001111720040914 (BBC7)
20040915 (BBC7)

The former 'Rutle' and member of the Bonzo Dog Band selects clips from Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Billy Connolly and Jasper Carrot.

0505Lee Evans2001112420040921 (BBC7)
20040922 (BBC7)

Evans discusses his favourite comedians including Woody Allen, Ben Elton, Robin Williams and Richard Pryor.

0506 LASTEddie Izzard2001120120040928 (BBC7)
20040929 (BBC7)

The comedian Eddie Izzard picks over some of his favourite comedy influences.

0601Johnny Vegas2002052520041005 (BBC7)
20041006 (BBC7)

talks about his love of comedy and plays clips of his many influences, including Victoria Wood and Tommy Cooper.

0602Rob Brydon2002060120041012 (BBC7)
20041013 (BBC7)

The former BBC Wales continuity announcer and star of TV's Marion and Geoff selects the comedy that's shaped his career.

0603Griff Rhys Jones2002060820041019 (BBC7)
20041020 (BBC7)

Not Not the 9 o'clock News.

But we do get Round the Horne and Steptoe and Son as Griff Rhys Jones shares his formative comedy moments.

0604Dave Gorman20020615
0605Jasper Carrott20020622
0606Rich Hall2002062920041026 (BBC7)
20041027 (BBC7)

Funny man Rich Hall plays his favourite comedy moments, including WC Fields, Jack Dee and Dean Lock.

0607Ronni Ancona2002070620041102 (BBC7)
20041103 (BBC7)

Ronni's favourites include Joan Rivers, Monty Python and Not The 9 O'Clock News - and she reveals her 'puerile sense of humour'!.

0608 LASTMarcus Brigstocke2002071320041109 (BBC7)
20041110 (BBC7)

The comedian Marcus Brigstocke revels in the comedy of The Muppets, Pete and Dud and The Two Ronnies.

0701Jack Dee20040103

This week Jack Dee, who has become a household name since winning the British Comedy Award for Best Newcomer in 1991, selects clips from the comedy that has tickled his funny bone.

Jack's clips include Tommy Cooper, Emo Phillips, and Reeves and Mortimer amongst others.

0702Jimmy Carr20040110

This week TV's Jimmy Carr (nominated

for a Perrier Award in 2002 and the

winner of numerous comedy awards)

selects clips from the comedy that

has shaped his comic sensibility.

Jimmy's clips include Les Dawson,

Ross Noble, Jack Dee and Bill Bailey

0703Ross Noble20040117

This week Ross Noble (Time Out Winner,

Perrier Nominee and the best-selling

show on the Fringe this year) selects

clips from the comedy that has shaped

his comic sensibility.

Ross's clips include Bill Cosby, Ellen

DeGeneres, Chris Rock and Paul Merton

0704Jeremy Hardy20040124

This week the Perrier award-winning, cardigan wearing, Radio 4 series making and political satirising comedy veteran Jeremy Hardy selects clips from the comedy that has his sides splitting.

Jeremy's clips include Dad's Army, Pete and Dud, Linda Smith and

Mark Thomas

0705Lenny Henry20040131
0706 LASTArmando Ianucci20040207

This week, Armando Iannucci (flexible funnyman who has produced, directed, written or performed in most of the groundbreaking British comedies since the nineties) will be choosing his favourite comedy clips.