01Soldiering On 20031103 (BBC7)
20050829 (BBC7)
20050830 (BBC7)
Muriel, recently widowed, has been left well provided for.
But then her son Giles involves himself.
With Stephanie Cole.
02Bed Among The Lentils 20031104 (BBC7)
20050830 (BBC7)
20050831 (BBC7)
20080316 (BBC7)
A vicar's wife struggles with various devils, including the demon drink.
Starring Anna Massey.
03A Chip In The Sugar 20031105 (BBC7)
20050831 (BBC7)
20050901 (BBC7)
Who is more dependent? A middle-aged man or his elderly mother? Starring Alan Bennett.
04A Lady Of Letters 20031106 (BBC7)
20050901 (BBC7)
20050902 (BBC7)
Miss Ruddock is a self-appointed pillar of society.
But her obsessive letter-writing leads to trouble.
With Patricia Routledge.
05 LASTA Cream Cracker Under The Settee 20030319
20031107 (BBC7)
20050902 (BBC7)
20050903 (BBC7)
The repeat was broadcast because of the death of Thora Hird.
An old lady assesses her life as she lies helpless after a fall.
Starring Thora Hird and John Bull.
 Omnibus2009021420080315 (BBC7)
20080316 (BBC7)
20090214 (R7)
20090215 (R7)
20100918 (R7)
20110305 (R7)
Alan Bennett Introduces A Talking Heads Special Which Includes A Chance To Hear - A Chip in the Sugar (10/02/1991), with Alan Bennett; Patricia Routledge as Miss Ruddock in A Lady of Letters (24/02/1991); Julie Walters in Her Big Chance (17/05/1988); Stephanie Cole in Soldiering On (10/03/1991); and the late Dame Thora Hird in A Cream Cracker Under the Settee (17/03/1989).
The writer introduces five monologues including A Chip in the Sugar and A Lady of Letters.
The writer presents five monologues: A Chip in the Sugar, A Lady of Letters, Her Big Chance, Soldiering On and A Cream Cracker under the Settee.
With Thora Hird and Julie Walters.