Talking To Terrorists [Drama] [Drama On 3]


20051023By Robin Soans.

A play based on interviews with people involved in terrorism around the globe, and those seeking to counter it.

The writer, director and actors involved carried out the interviews to try to discover what makes ordinary people do extreme things.

Plus contributions from peacemakers, politicians, warriors, journalists, hostages and psychologists.

The stories take us from Uganda, Israel, Turkey, Iraq and Ireland to the heart of the British establishment.

An ex-member of the National Resistance Army, Uganda....Chip Chung

An ex-member of the UVF....Jonathan Cullen

Edward, a psychologist....Christopher Ettridge

An ex-member of the Kurdish Workers' Party....Alexander Hanson

An ex-member of the IRA....Lloyd Hutchinson

Rima, a journalist....Catherine Russell

The ex-head of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Bethlehem....Chris Ryman

An ex-Secretary of State....June Watson

Directed by Max Stafford-Clark.