The Tall One

Claire Luckham's story of two sisters who both have Cystic Fibrosis.

lorraine Has Been Waiting For A Heart Lung Transplant While Samantha Awaits Her A Level Results


  • alan....Philip Jackson
  • carol....kellie shirley
  • jake....Tom George
  • lorraine....amelia lowdell
  • lucy....hannah lawrence
  • martin bernie....tilly vosburgh
  • samantha....anna maxwell
  • simon....ewan stewart
  • 0220030902How have their parents coped with the challenge of bringing them up?
    03Sebastian20030903Lorraine's boyfriend appears on the scene.
    04Sweet Lorraine20030904We learn from Simon a paediatrician, specialising in Cystic Fibrosis, something of what it is like to care for Lorraine and Samantha, our heroines.
    05 LAST20030905In the final episode of The Tall One we grieve with Samantha at the funeral of her sister Lorraine.

    What effect will Lorraine's death have on Samantha?