by Samina Baig
Samina's life is a whirl of work and worry about her single status until a family crisis stops her in her tracks.
Both her parents are admitted into separate hospitals forcing her to come to terms with their sudden entry into old age.
Between hospital visits, emergency phone calls and cookery lessons, she attempts to finally grow up and preserve the fading family memories that connect her to her roots.
But then things take a turn for the worse...
Samina - Nina Wadia
Mum - Indira Joshi
Dad - Madhav Sharma
Radiographer, Miriam - Christine Kavanagh
Taxi Driver - Michael Shelford
Peter - Sean Baker
Doctor/Patient - David Seddon
Nurse 1 - Alison Pettitt
Nurse 2 - Samina Zehra
Directed by Mary Peate.
Samina's life is thrown into chaos when her elderly parents fall ill.
With Nina Wadia


Broadcast Dates

  • 20100813 (Radio 4)