0120060403It is May 1593, and Christopher Marlowe, playwright, poet and spy, is summoned to London to appear before the Privy Council.
Perhaps the Queen requires his services? Or perhaps it's something more sinister.
0220060404Desperate to discover what Thomas Kyd has said about him, Marlowe goes to the only man who will tell him - Kyd's torturer.
0320060405Marlowe's search for the identity of the mystery pamphleteer - who styles himself 'Tamburlaine' - leads him to an old friend, and more trouble.
0420060406Marlowe is made an offer he cannot refuse, an offer that not even the magus Doctor Dee can divert.
 20060407An Elizabethan thriller by Louise Welsh, read by Dexter Fletcher.
A death and a fragment of black linen lead Christopher Marlowe to the impostor, Tamburlaine, in the final part of this Elizabethan thriller read by Dexter Fletcher.
Abridged and produced by Chris Wallis