20000917By William Shakespeare.
Directed by Melanie Harris, music by Patrick Dineen.
Gerard McSorley (Petruchio), Ruth Mitchell (Katherina), Julia Ford (Bianca), Dave Hill (Baptista), Christopher Colquhoun (Lucentio), Deka Walmsley (Hortensio), Maggie Tagney (Widow), Russel Dixon (Gremio), Burn Gorman (Grumio), James Quinn (Tranio), Seamus O'Neill (Pedant), Geoff Hinsliff (Vincentio), Jeff Hordley (Curtis).
20051126 (BBC7)
20051127 (BBC7)
Kate is wilful, loud, volatile and above all, shrewish.
Petruchio is stern, jolly, and somewhat odd.
A match made in heaven?
Genome: [r4 Bd=19931225]Another chance to hear this acclaimed 1988 production of Shakespeare's play, starring Bob Peck as Petruchio and Cheryl Campbell as Katherina.
Music composed by Mia Soteriou
Directed and adapted by Jeremy Mortimer


Genome: [r4 bd=19931225] contributors

  • Unknown: Bob Peck
  • Unknown: Cheryl Campbell
  • Composed By: Mia Soteriou
  • Adapted By: Jeremy Mortimer
  • Baptista Minola: Laurence Payne
  • Bianca: Moir Leslie
  • Hortensio: Douglas Hodge
  • Gremio: Michael Deacon
  • Lucentio: Stephen Tompkinson
  • Tranio: Robert Glenister
  • Biondello: Paul Copley
  • Grumio: Christopher Fairbank
  • Pedant: John Baddeley
  • Jailor: Simon Cuff
  • Vincentio/Lord: Anthony Jackson
  • Christopher Sly/Curtis: William Simons