Frances Towers was writing short stories throughout the 1930s and 1940s.

Her collection, Tea with Mr Rochester, was published in 1949 and met with instant critical acclaim.

Sadly, Towers, who had never had a book published before, died before this selection of her stories had appeared.

Frances Tower's humane and often witty pen offers five perceptive portrayals of young women facing personal epiphanies.

01Violet2003101320060514Read by Susannah Harker.
The Titmus family's new maid, Violet, appears to have an uncanny knack for predicting the future.
02Tea With Mr Rochester2003101420060521A schoolgirl comes face to face with her literary idol.
Read by Romola Garai.
03The Little Willow2003101520060528Read by Emilia Fox, abridged by Penny Leicester.
Lisby lives in the shadow of her two glamorous sisters, but a new visitor to the house perceives her true worth.
04Don Juan And The Lily2003101620060604A young girl in her first job falls under the spell of an inscrutable colleague, romantic Georgia Dellow.
Read by Romola Garai, abridged by Penny Leicester
05 LASTThe Chosen And The Rejected2003101720060611Two single women move into a cottage together and are delighted when they are befriended by the enigmatic and elegant couple from the great house.
Read by Susannah Harker, abridged by Penny Leicester