By Robert Shearman.

Peter has just bumped into his old French mistress, Mrs Townsend.

It seems that both teacher and pupil have had a remarkable influence on each other's lives - is this meeting really just a coincidence?

Stephanie....Carolyn Seymour

Peter....Simon Templeman

Young Peter/Philip....Steven Geller.

AP2005062820 years ago, a teenager develops what could perhaps be described as a crush on Stephanie Townsend, a female teacher at his school, and determines to win her.
The story of how Peter attempts to accomplish this is interspersed with present-day actuality.
He, now a teacher himself, is approached by Stephanie all these years later.
In the past, because of what happens (and horrified at the compromising situation in which she finds herself) she rejects him.
In a fit of pique, young Peter ensures the school is informed that he's had an inappropriate liaison.
We learn that Mrs Townsend was forced to resign quietly because of the hint of scandal.
Her marriage, already rocky, founders.
Now, in the present-day, it becomes increasingly ambiguous as to exactly why Mrs Townsend has sought Peter out.
Does she in fact want something more? Revenge?
  • directed by - Martin Jarvis
  • peter....simon templeman
  • philip....steven geller
  • stephanie....carolyn seymour
  • young peter....steven geller
  • by.... - - - - robert shearman
  • AP20060906
    LS1999032820000123By Maurice Leitch, read by Ian McIlhinney.
    A former pupil recalls taking revenge on his first teacher.