Ade Edmondson and Ben Elton make their Radio 2 situation comedy debuts.

Written by the team behind Radio 4's hit series Vent, Teenage Kicks is the story of Vernon (Adrian Edmondson), an ageing Punk rocker.

He moves into his teenage kids' student flat after a spectacularly nasty divorce and he's genuinely excited about his chance to be young again.

His kids, Max (played by Spencer Brown), Milly (Holby City's Kelly Adams) and their flatmate David (Jonathan Chan-Pensely) are mortified.

On the thirtieth anniversary of Punk Teenage Kicks is also an opportunity to remind everyone of the great music of the late seventies.

Ade Edmondson and Ben Elton star in the story of Vernon, an ageing punk rocker who moves into his teenage kids' student flat after a spectacularly nasty divorce.

He's genuinely excited about his chance to be young again.

His kids Max, Milly and flatmate David are mortified.

Ben Elton plays Bryan, Vernon's best mate and a former member of his punk band The Plague.

These days, Bryan is deputy head of a smart primary school and has a nice house, a nice car, a nice life and an ongoing marriage.

Which, in Vernon's eyes, makes Bryan a sad loser.

01032007012020081129The kids want Vernon to move out and he fails a medical.
0104Sex2007012720081206Vernon realises there is only one way to mend his bruised heart, but finding a willing partner proves tricky - until he notices a gleam in his daughter Milly's course tutor's eye.
01052007020320081213Vernon sets out to prove that, as everyone over 40 already knows, music sounds much better on vinyl.
He acquires the ultimate stereo sound system, with disastrous results.
0106 LAST2007021020081220Vernon realises the reason he has not quite managed to recapture the perfect happiness of his wild anarchic student days is because he is not actually a student.
He decides to go back to college - to the same college as his kids, so he won't have to move out.
In Teenage Kicks, Aasmah Mir explores the sexual pressures faced by teens in Britain today.
At a time when young people are more exposed than ever to extreme sexual and violent behaviour, we hear about the work being done on the front-line, with kids who are growing up too fast.
We hear from teenage boys on why sharing girls together is not just 'gang rape', but a way of life.
And we'll find out how gang culture is pervading teens' ideas of how relationships work.
Aasmah looks into the factors that mean sexual violence is on the increase in the early teens.
And meets youth workers at the sharp end.
How do you teach a 14 year old, who's used his mobile phone to film a girl performing a sexual act, about the complex nature of 'consent'? What if his frames of reference come from pornography on mobile phones at school? Teenage Kicks asks those working with youth, and teenagers themselves - what can be done to help young people have healthy relationships?
Producer Lizz Pearson.
Aasmah Mir explores abuse and control in teenage relationships.