Telemann And The Gypsies



Lucie Skeaping presents highlights from a concert of music by Telemann given by Ensemble Caprice at the 2011 Lufthansa Festival inspired by the gypsy music he encountered in Poland.

In the early 1700s Georg Philipp Telemann, one of the foremost and most talented composers of his day, was appointed Kapellmeister to Reichsgraf Erdmann II at his castle in Western Poland.

In 1706 the Great Western War caused the entire court to flee and as a consequence Telemann found himself in Krakow and Pless where he encountered the local Moravian folk music alongside some of the distinctive music of the gypsies.

This music made a huge impact on Telemann and inspired him to incorporate elements of it into his own compositions.

In this concert, recorded at the 2011 Lufthansa Festival, Ensemble Caprice under their director, the recorder player Matthias Maute and with the singer Belinda Sykes, recreate the sounds of the Polish gypsy music alongside some of Telemann's compositions from the period.

Music by Telemann inspired by the gypsy music of Poland he heard while at court there.