Tell Me Where It Hurts


2019061120190617 (R4)

Dr Margaret McCartney examines a GP consultation.

In recent decades there's been a shift in the GP-patient relationship from the traditional, doctor knows best approach to a new emphasis on shared decision making and patient centred care. Margaret explores how this is working out in practice by examining two real GP consultations read by actors.

To discuss the benefits and challenges, Margaret is joined by fellow GP Jonathon Tomlinson; senior consultant in leadership development at the King's Fund, Mark Doughty; and Jenni Burt, Senior Social Scientist at The Healthcare Improvement Studies Institute in Cambridge.

With contributions from Richard Lehman, Professor of Shared Understanding in Medicine at the University of Birmingham, and Sir Denis Pereira Gray, Professor of General Practice at Exeter University.

Dr Margaret McCartney examines a GP consultation.