Telling Tales [The Documentary]


01Telling Tales: The Tohono O'odham Nation2018032120180322 (WS)A retelling of an ancient Native American story from the Tohono O’odham Nation, whose traditional lands straddle the border between the United States and Mexico. The story encapsulates the tribe’s close relationship with their land, plants and animals. But their ancient way of life is now under threat from President Trump’s plans to build a fortified wall across their sacred lands.

Penny Boreham explores the power of ancient stories by taking three traditional tales and juxtaposing them with contemporary experiences and issues.

(Photo: View near US-Mexico border with Saguaro cactus)

The power of ancient stories and their resonance today with contemporary issues

Investigating global developments, issues and affairs.

02Telling Tales: The Sultan's Son And The Rich Man's Daughter2018032820180329 (WS)The retelling of an ancient story from the African Islands of Zanzibar. It is a tale packed with intrigue and death defying ingenuity in which a young wife has to use her determination and magical powers to save her own life and persuade her husband of the error of his ways.

And in the light of this story, we also hear from modern day Zanzibaris, who reflect on love and marriage, then and now, and share their own personal experiences.

(Photo: A local woman walks by a shop in Stone Town in Zanzibar. Credit: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images)

A story from Zanzibar in which a young wife has to save her life and its resonance today

Investigating global developments, issues and affairs.

03Telling Tales: The Odyssey2018040420180405 (WS)
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Homer’s epic spoken poem The Odyssey was composed 3000 years ago. It is a tale of Odysseus's ten year long journey home after the battle of Troy with its countless trials and adventures along the way.

And alongside the story of Odysseus we hear from contemporary refugees, currently caught in limbo, living in camps in modern day Greece, who speak of their own experiences and challenges as they leave one home and hope to find another.

Image: Odysseus and his companions in the stormy sea, Credit: Getty Images

A difficult and long journey for both Odysseus and modern day refugees - caught in limbo

Investigating global developments, issues and affairs.