01Scientist Of The Everyday Man1998050420001121The first of five stories about science.
`Scientist of the everyday man' JBS Haldane spoke through the Daily Worker, making science available to the masses.
Read by Gerard McDermott.
02The Story Of A Carbon Atom1998050520001122Five stories on the popularisation of science.
2: `The Story of a Carbon Atom' by Primo Levi.
The engaging tale of an atom that mirrors each episode of its life in the course of an atmospheric journey through time.
Read by Gerard McDermott.
03The Colour Of Radium1998050620001123By Eve Curie.
Marie Curie's quest to purify radium.
Read by Rachel Atkins
04Green Mould In The Wind1998050720001124By Sarah Reidman and Elton Gustafson.
David Bannerman reads the story of Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin, in 1904.
05 LASTRelating Relativity1998050820001125By Albert Einstein.
A cultural icon in his own lifetime, Einstein was dedicated to disseminating his own immense scientific understanding.
Read by Rachel Atkins