(Radio 3) The Tempest

 19970525By William Shakespeare.
Magically, Prospero creates a storm at sea and causes the ship bearing his enemies to be shipwrecked off southern Ireland, where for 12 years he and his daughter Miranda have been exiled.
Starring Ronald Pickup (Prospero), Richard Derrington (Ariel), Michael Silberry, Sarah Woodward, Roger May, Norman Rodway, Philip Franks, Peter Jeffrey, Clifford Rose, Bill Wallis, Keith Drinkel, Andrew Branch, David Timson, Ashley Stafford, Judith Harris and Mary Lincoln.
Music composed by Anthea Gomez.
Director Sue Wilson 
 20011007A new production of Shakespeare's play with Philip Madoc as Prospero, Nina Wadia (Ariel), Catrin Rhys (Miranda) and Josh Richards (Caliban).
Directed by David Hunter David Hunter.
Music by Billy Cowie.
Programme Catalogue - Details: 11 February 199619960211Producer: WILSON, S
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Subject Categories
classic drama programmes (genre)
Broadcast history
11 Feb 1996 19:30-21:40 (RADIO 3)
25 May 1997 19:30-21:55 (RADIO 3)
Bill Wallis (Actor)
Ronald Pickup (Actor)
Peter Jeffrey (Actor)
David Timson (Actor)
Keith Drinkel (Actor)
Andrew Branch (Actor)
Norman Rodway (Actor)
Richard Derrington (Actor)
Roger May (Actor)
Philip Franks (Actor)
Michael Siberry (Actor)
Sarah Woodward (Actor)
William Shakespeare (Author)
Anthea Gomez (Composer)
Laurence Evans (ent)
Sue Wilson (Producer)
Mary Lincoln (voc)
Andrew Stafford (voc)
Judith Harris (voc)
Recorded on 1995-12-07