By Jennie Buckman.

With Sophie Thompson, Tracy-Ann Oberman

0120021104In 1978, idealistic Norma visits Cuba for a Socialist Youth Festival and keeps a diary of this `Club Med for Reds'.
0220021105The 1978 Socialist Youth Festival in Cuba is about to begin, but what costumes and dances have the British delegation prepared for the opening ceremony?
0320021106Norma gets a political pie in the face as tempers become frayed at the 1978 Socialist Youth Festival in Cuba.
0420021107At 1978 the Socialist Youth Festival in Cuba, Norma gets accidentally involved in Gay Rights and has a punch-up with a Russian.
05 LAST20021108Is Norma's love affair with Cuba or with Lance? Is she a better socialist? And does she know all the words to Guantanamera?