By Graham Greene.

To mark the centenary of Graham Greene's birth, a dramatisation, by Neville Teller, of the novella Greene said he preferred to The Third Man.

In a prison in occupied France, one man in every ten is to be shot.

Chavel, a wealthy lawyer, trades his life for all he possesses.

But the deal is to have repercussions he could never have imagined

Jean Louis Chavel....Nathaniel Parker

Therese Mangeot....Indira Varma

Carosse....David Swift

Michel Mangeot/Scharführer....Tom George

Madame Mangeot....Elizabeth Bell

Mayor/Roche....Jon Glover

Trinchard/Jules/Priest....Philip Fox

Lenôtre/Hauptmann....Marc Eliot

Voisin....Gerard McDermott

Pierre/SS Officer....Sean Baker

Directed by Marion Nancarrow.

Dramatised by Neville Teller

  • By: W.

    Somerset Maugham

    Starring: Clifford Norgate/Patricia Gallimore/Hector Ross/Carleton Hobbs.

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