Terror Through Time - Omnibus



From Royalist plots against Napoleon to the machinations that stoked terror in Palestine, Fergal Keane begins his story of terrorism with an international survey of the early tactics and responses that we're so familiar with today.


As World War Two came to an end the great colonial powers of France and Britain found themselves embroiled in small-scale conflicts around the globe.

Fergal Keane explores the use of terrorist techniques in Algeria and Mandatory Palestine to find out if they were the crucial factor in the defeat of the colonial powers. He also investigates the development of counter-terror techniques in Kenya and Malaya and explains how and why terror became a component in the internal conflicts of the United Kingdom and Spain.

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Terrorism became a global tactic of choice for revolutionary groups of the 1970s. The success of Palestinian militants in attracting attention to their cause inspired Marxist and nationalist groups to try their hands at kidnap, hijack and assassination. It also encouraged nation states to make use of terrorist groups and tactics to wage low-intensity war against their opponents.

Fergal Keane examines the development of international terrorism and charts the changing tactics of counter-terrorism.

Producer: Alasdair Cross.