Terry Jones - Our Very Naughty Boy [Radio Wales]


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With the recent sad news of Terry Jones' death due to dementia, we offer another chance to hear Elis James celebrating the amazing and varied career of Jones through interviews with fellow Pythons and collaborators, archive recordings and clips from some of Jones' most well known pieces. With an appropriately light Python touch, James explores in particular the part that Wales played in Jones' work.

Over his career Terry Jones has been a children's author, historian, prolific documentary maker, poet, film and theatre director and has written countless political articles. He's also written and directed two operas.

Not only did Jones perform with Monty Python, he also directed their films, often considered the finest comedy films of all time - including 'Life of Brian'- which Jones performed in as Brian's mother and delivered the immortal line 'He's not the messiah.'

Despite leaving Wales at an early age for Surrey due to his Dad's work, something Jones later called a disaster, Jones still felt close to his home country. He has strong memories of meeting his father for the first time at Colwyn Bay train station and seeing the lights of VE Day.

Elis James and contributors discuss Jones' career, and the influence that Wales had on Jones. Jones later said in an interview 'Even today I still feel Wales is where I should be really'.

Collaborators include Pythons John Cleese, Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam. James also speaks to Sue Jones-Davis and Carol Cleveland.

Producer: Richard Power

A 7 Digital production for BBC Radio Wales.

Elis James presents a celebration of the life and work of Monty Python member Terry Jones.