By James Robertson.

Read by Stuart McQuarrie.

0120070820A handwritten manuscript found in the Highlands reveals the strange story of a Church of Scotland minister who has lost his faith and found the Devil.
0220070821Gideon reflects on his childhood and the trouble unleashed when a TV is introduced to the family home.
0320070822Gideon's eyes are opened when he goes to university and falls in love.
0420070823Despite his lack of faith, Gideon finds himself training for the ministry.
He also discovers that married life is not as easy as he first expected.
0520070824Tragedy strikes the small Scottish town of Monimaskit and Gideon finds himself embroiled in a clandestine liaison.
0620070827A standing stone mysteriously appears in Gideon's path and his life is placed in danger.
0720070828Gideon wakes up in a hospital bed, having apparently survived three days under a waterfall.
Then he remembers how he actually passed that time.
0820070829Gideon's convalescence in the care of the Devil comes to an end, but the experience continues to consume him.
0920070830Gideon decides it is time to tell the town what has really been going on in his life.
10 LAST20070831Gideon's revelations begin to have some serious repercussions but he remains preoccupied by the Devil.