Genome: [r4 Bd=19690120]

A play by Kate O'Brien from her novel

Maxine Audley as The Princess of Eboll

Ronald Lewis , John Justin

Robert Eddison , and Joan Miller

A story of romance, intrigue, and tragedy at the court of Philip II.

The action takes place in Madrid, in the Eboli Palace and in the Alcazar, from September 1577 to April 1590.

Cast in order of speaking:

The play adapted for radio by E. J. KING BULL

Script editor, Margaret Etall

Produced by JOHN POWELL

Robert Eddison is in ' Ring Round the Moon' at the Haymarket Theatre; Ronald Lewis in ' They Don'Grow on Trees ' at tho Prince of Wales Theatre. London

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19690120]

Play By: Kate O'Brien

Unknown: Maxine Audley

Unknown: Ronald Lewis

Unknown: John Justin

Unknown: Robert Eddison

Unknown: Joan Miller

Unknown: E. J. King

Editor: Margaret Etall

Produced By: John Powell

Produced By: Robert Eddison

Esteban, a servant: John Baddeley

Bernardina Cavero, duenna to the Princess of Eboli: Joan Muu:r

Antonio Perez, Secretary of State for Spain: Ronald Lewis

Rodrigo, Duke of Pastrana. eldest son of the Princess of Eboli: Alaric Cotter

Anichu, Countess of Pastrana, youngest daughter of the Princess of Eboli: Lisa Harrow

Juan de Escovedo, secretary to Don Juan of Austria: Leonard Fenton

Ana de Mendoza, Princess of Eboli: Maxine Audley

Philip II, King of Spain: John Justin

Cardinal Gaspar de Quiroga, Archbishop of TotedO: Robert Eddison

Don Mateo Vasquez, counsellor to the King: John Baddeley

Pablo, a footman: Alaric Cotter

Don Manuel Ortega, Captain of the King's Guard ,: Michael Spick