Everyone thought the 1945 General Election, 50 years ago this month, was a shoe-in for Churchill.

This play captures the drama of the events surrounding the election that shaped post-war Britain.

On the day of the count Labour are expecting to lose, but as the results swing their way and the Party smell power, Herbert Morrison tries to unseat his boss Clement Atlee.

In a bout of political infighting that makes Blair versus Brown look like a tea party, an unlikely victor emerges to lead Great Britain into a Socialist future.

  • alison atlee....amy clifton
  • clement atlee....Bill Wallis
  • directed by - Jeremy Howe
  • ernest bevin....David Calder
  • flippy atlee....katherine heath
  • harold laski....philip franks
  • herbert morrison....matthew marsh
  • janet shipton....alison reid
  • journalists....chris donnelly, paul mohan
  • the home service....david collins
  • vi atlee....Diana Berriman
  • by.... - - robin glendinning