That Mocking Bird

John Bird presents a six-part series exploring the theory and practice of comedy through a series of conversations with great British comic writers and performers.


01Alan Davies20000304

In the first programme, his guest is actor and stand-up comedian Alan Davies, who talks about his comic inspiration and role models and heroes.

02Alan Bennett20000311

In the second programme his guest is playwright, actor, screenwriter, broadcaster and diarist Alan Bennett

03Rory Bremner20000318

In the third programme, he converses with impressionist Rory Bremner, with contributions from John Major, Billy Connolly, Woody Allen, Eddie Izzard, Stanley Baxter and Arthur Lowe...?

04Ken Campbell20000325

In this fourth programme, he talks to comic writer, actor and explorer Ken Campbell about science and merriment, truth and fantasy, heaven and `Hellzapoppin''.

With contributions from John Cleese, Max Wall and Ken Dodd

05Jonathan Miller20000401

In this fifth programme, he talks to Jonathan Miller, who gave up a career in comedy to concentrate on opera and neurology.

He analyses the works of Shelley Berman, Bill Cosby and Mort Sahl.

06 LASTVictoria Wood20000408

In this programme, he talks to Victoria Wood about stand-ups, sitcoms, boxing, Billy Bunter, Morecambe, Molesworth, isolation, victimisation, Gypsy Creams and guinea pigs.