Thea's Diary

Andrew Farrell Readman's dramatisation of the diary of Thea Gersten, a Jewish teenager growing up in Nazi Germany.


01Broken Glass20030127

Thea witnesses the horrors of Kristallnacht.

02Goodbye To The Beautiful Dream20030128
03Time Running Out.20030129

Thea is able to join her father in Warsaw.

04London 1939.20030130

Thea has made it to London.

05Love In The Blitz20030131

Thea is reunited with Philip.

06Evacuation To Harrogate20030203
07A Little Miracle20030204
08American Red Cross20030205

Thea begins to enjoy life in London.

09Faith, Hope And Purpose20030206

Thea joins Philip at Slyne Lodge.

10 LASTGod's Will20030207

With the end of the war in sight, Thea returns to London and falls critically ill.