Theatre On 4 - Occupational Hazards



Story of Rory Stewart's role as provincial governor in Iraq, in front of a live audience.

The best of British theatre performed in front of a live audience specially for Radio 4. Hampstead Theatre's gripping production of Occupational Hazards tells the extraordinary story of Rory Stewart's role as the 30 year old provincial Governor in newly-liberated Iraq, trying to build a new civil and democratic society out of the remains of Saddam Hussein's Iraq - riven with tribal and religious politics.

Occupational Hazards is written by Stephen Brown and based on Rory Stewart's critically acclaimed memoir. With a riveting performance by Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Stewart, it was recorded in binaural and immersive sound at Hampstead Theatre in May 2017.

Company Stage Manager: Michael Dennis

Music composed by Khyam Allami
Cello solo by Brigit Forsyth
Sound design for theatre by Alex Caplen
Sound design for radio by David Chilton

Directed for stage by Simon Godwin
Directed for radio by Carl Prekopp

Produced by Stewart Richards, David Chilton and James Peak

A Stewart Richards / Goldhawk Essential co-production for BBC Radio 4.