Genome: [r4 Bd=19970703]

Five-part epic adventure by SJ Ashford. Night of the Fox. The military comb the Los Angeles countryside for the infamous outlaw Zorro. with Don Wamngton , Ian Gelder ,

Anthony O'Donnell , Sue Roderick. Andrew Howard , Clare Isaac , Dafydd Hywel. John Nicholas , Lyn Hunter , Hywel Morgan and Terry Dauncey. Music by Andy Price. Director Foz Allen

* See This Week: page 6

Genome: [r4 Bd=19970703]

Unknown: Don Wamngton

Unknown: Ian Gelder

Unknown: Anthony O'Donnell

Unknown: Sue Roderick.

Unknown: Andrew Howard

Unknown: Clare Isaac

Unknown: Dafydd Hywel.

Unknown: John Nicholas

Unknown: Lyn Hunter

Unknown: Hywel Morgan

Unknown: Terry Dauncey.

Music By: Andy Price.

Director: Foz Allen

Zorro: Mark Arden

Lolita: Louise Lombard

Friar Felipe: Glyn Houston