On Wednesday, November 9 at 6.00pm, hundreds of people recorded one minute of their day.

Producer Andy Cartwright and poet Sean Street present a unique 'radio poem' from those recordings.

'Then' - on Wednesday November 9th 2005 at 6pm hundreds of people across the country recorded in sound one minute of their day finishing at exactly one minute past 6.
'Then' - producer Andy Cartwright and poet Sean Street took these recordings and weaved them into a unique 'radio-poem' composed entirely from these simultaneous recordings of a minute in time - creating a musical collage of words and sounds that looks both forward and back through time - uniting people in common activities who will never, ever meet.
'Now' - as Kevin Macdonald's new film 'Life in a Day', constructed from videos recorded during a single day opens, Radio 4 presents a repeat of its own award-winning radio poem about a frozen minute in time.
What the critics said about 'Then-Now' when originally broadcast in 2006:-
'brilliant, unique and inspired'.
'the most riveting half-hour of broadcasting I can recall...I didn't want it to end''.
'..I've never heard anything like it on radio before...
it is simply beautiful.'
'A stunning creative and technical achievement'
'...the best thing I've heard for years.
A brilliant radio idea brilliantly executed'
The poem is introduced by the poet and broadcaster, Sean Street, who also threads a poetic narrative through the recordings.
Producer: Andy Cartwright
A Soundscape Production for BBC Radio 4.
A unique 'radio poem' composed from recordings of a single minute from a single day.


Broadcast Dates

  • 20060109 (Radio 4)
  • 20110722 (Radio 4)